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Virtual Platform

Virtual Platform

  • Live Stream on both FORUM days
  • Access to all FORUM sessions
  • Access to connect with our sponsors
  • Virtual interaction and networking
  • Free access to the virtual platform and on-demand presentations until end of December 2021

Registration to the ICPO FORUM is still open. You are cordially invited to join online. For further information concerning virtual participation please click here.

Checklist to successfully participate via Live-Stream

  1. Windows PC or Mac (Tablet PC e.g. Windows, iPad or Android tablet limited)
  2. Internet connection (ideal from 5 Mbit/s broadband or LTE for mobile devices) - a test video is provided on this page to test your connection speed and sound output
  3. Speakers (integrated or headset) - before the virtual congress begins, remember to plug in your headset or speakers so you can hear the speaker
  4. Regardless of the browser type, you must allow cookies on your computer
  5. We recommend any of these current browsers:
  • Google Chrome (Version 65 or higher)
  • Firefox (Version 60 or higher)
  • Microsoft Edge (Version 79 or higher)
  • Apple Safari (Version 10 or higher, only for Apple computer)
  • Older versions of the listed browsers as well as other alternative browsers (e.g. Opera or Internet Explorer) may lead to limited functionality of the website.
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